Golf Contacts

Golf Shop 707 701 3087
707 701 3088
Jesse Halstad Head Golf Professional 707 701 3087
Erick Andress Assistant Golf Professional 707 701 3087
Dustin McIntosh Golf Course Superintendent 707 701 3072
Khiana Schmuhl Assistant Golf Professional 707 701 3088

Hours of Operation

GOLF COURSE  (*May change with frost & rain)

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm

DRIVING RANGE (*May change with frost & rain)

Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Sunday: 7:00 am-5:30 pm
(Clean Pick Sunday Night)

  • Fountaingrove Golf Rules
    • Our goal is to make your overall experience here at Fountaingrove as memorable and enjoyable as possible. In order to make that goal a reality we ask that you and your guests please abide by the following customs and courtesies whenever playing or practicing at Fountaingrove:


      • All shirts must have a collar or mock neck.
      • Cargo shorts with the pockets on the outside and shorts that are more than 3" below the knee.
      • Gym and athletic workout apparel is not permitted.
      • Hats, when worn, must have the bill facing forward.
      • Golf shoes or proper footwear must be worn at all times. Soft spikes only!


      • Tank tops are not permitted (Sleeveless shirts are acceptable).
      • Shorts, skirts, and skorts are not to be more than 4" above the knee.
      • Shoes with heels are not permitted.


      • Blue denim apparel is not allowed on the Golf Course, Driving Range or Practice Facilities.
      • All Golfers must check in with the Golf Shop prior to playing.
      • Please replace or fill all divots and repair all ball marks.
      • Range balls are not permitted on the Golf Course; they must remain on the Driving Range.
      • Sand must be knocked off from your shoes immediately upon exiting any bunker.
      • All trash, recycling and nutshells should be disposed of properly in the nearest trash receptacle.
      • No outside alcoholic beverages are permitted on Club property.
      • You must be 18 years of age and have a valid driver's license in order to drive a golf cart. 16-year-olds with a valid drivers license may drive if accompanied by a licensed adult.
      • Maximum of two riders per cart; golfers are not permitted to stand on the back of carts.
      • All golf carts must be returned to either the golf shop, cart barn or the bag drop area. Golf carts must never be left unattended in the parking lots.
      • Cell phone use is permitted at a volume that will not disturb other members and guests or cause undue delay in pace of play.
      • All other electronics are permitted, unless otherwise noted, as long as the sound is at a level that will not disturb the other members and their guests.  The use of these items must not cause undue delay in your pace of play.

      Pace of Play Policy 

      • The standard time to play the golf course is 4 hours and 15 minutes from your designated tee time.
      • Players shall play ready golf at all times and should be prepared to hit their shot when it is their turn.
      • If there is an open hole in front and the group following is waiting, it is customary to allow the faster group to play through.
      • Priority on the Golf Course is as follows: Foursomes, Threesomes, Twosomes, Singles.
      • Groups of 5 players and larger are permitted only with golf shop approval and they must play in 4 hours and 15 minutes or less.
      • If a group is out of position by one hole or more:
        • 1st time — A marshall will notify them of their position and ask them to speed up and close the gap.
        • 2nd time — A marshall will ask them to let the group behind play through and to keep up for the remainder of the round.
        • 3rd time - The group will be asked to pick up and move directly behind the group that played through previously.

      Golf Etiquette and Behavior Guide

  • Hole-in-One Policy
    • In the event a participating member has a hole in one at the Club, this Board-approved insurance policy will protect them from incurring a large bar tab while inspiring celebration with other members.

      Fountaingrove Hole-In-One Policy

      1. The Fountaingrove Hole-In-One policy is voluntary for all golf members age 21 and older.
      2. Every member who chooses to participate will be charged $5.00 and this money will go into a dedicated Hole-In-One Insurance Account.
      3. The monies from this account will be used to pay for drinks incurred on the day of the Hole-In-One and the bill for those drinks is not to exceed $500.00. The victorious member will also receive a custom Hole-In-One commemorative gift of their choosing ($200.00 value) for the first occurrence only.
      4. Every time the funds in the Insurance account drop below $700, the participating members will be assessed an additional $5.00.
      5. Only members who purchased the Hole-In-One insurance and their guests, who are on the tee sheet the day of the occurrence, are eligible to receive a free drink.
      6. The Hole-In-One flag is to be displayed as soon as the Hole-In-One is reported and the Golf Shop will provide the bar with an accurate tee sheet. The Golf Shop will email everyone on the tee sheet of the Hole-In-One informing them that everyone who purchased the Hole-In-One insurance and their guests are entitled to a free drink if they so choose.
      7. The money may be used to purchase house wine (red or white), draught beers, domestic beers or well drinks ONLY!
      8. Members who choose NOT to purchase the Hole-In-One insurance are not eligible for a free drink.
      9. The Hole-In-One must occur during an approved regulation game of golf and it must be witnessed and attested by at least one other individual. (Minimum of 9 holes must be completed and attested.)
      10. If the Hole-In-One occurs on another golf course during an official event where the individual is representing Fountaingrove (Seniors, Team Play, NCGA Team Events, etc.), the member may purchase well or house drinks for all Fountaingrove members involved and Fountaingrove will reimburse the member up to the $500.00 limit. (The member must submit an official signed and itemized receipt to the accounting office within 7 days of the occurrence.)
      11. If a junior golfer (under 20 years of age) gets a Hole-In-One at Fountaingrove, a custom personalized commemorative gift will be purchased with funds from the Junior Golf Account, not the Hole-In-One insurance account. The junior must complete at least 9 holes and have the round attested by at least one other golfer.
      12. Guests who have a Hole-In-One are not covered under this policy. If the guest would like to purchase drinks, they may do so at their own expense and discretion.