Master Plan


The Fountaingrove Club is excited to be building the Club of the Future. We are working alongside industry experts, with constant input from our passionate membership, to design a gathering place that will serve Santa Rosa for generations to come. 


The Fountaingrove Club’s new clubhouse embraces the paradox of building a strong and vibrant community upon the devastation wrought by the Northern California fires of 2017. This will be where the dispersed nature of club amenities are brought together to foster interaction by all. This clubhouse encourages use throughout the day by being both a home and flexible work place for members and their guests. It understands that respecting tradition and community means embracing families and welcoming users of diverse interests.

Rooted in the natural beauty of the site, the new clubhouse celebrates natural materials, the craft of building with expressive, but minimal detailing and outdoor space conceived as seamless extensions of indoor activities. It embraces wine country ease with understated elegance. Every detail has a purpose, but the open, expansive plan provides unlimited flexibility in creating shared experiences and lasting memories.

The Fountaingrove Club's new clubhouse will be a contemporary expression of timeless ideas — that members seek a clubhouse that embraces today’s lifestyle, provides beautiful spaces for communal assemblies, encourages small and intimate gatherings and creates a spirit of community for all who enter.

A Clubhouse to Meet our Members’ Requests

Our members requested: A place for peace and relaxation, open spaces
We will build: Wide open spaces, Comfortable seating, In/outdoor Clubhouse

Our members requested: A place to connect with fellow members and the community
We will build: A “3rd Place”, Spaces to connect members and their community, Informal spaces, Large indoor/outdoor bar and social areas

Our members requested: Dining facilities that are fun, fresh, casual and family-friendly
We will build: Modern dining-experience spaces, Facilities for fresh/healthy/local cuisine, Built with families in mind, Community tables

Our members requested: A premier golf course and golf experience
We will build: Improved course and golfing experience, Water feature (lake) restoration, Renovated bunkers, new lithium powered golf carts with GPS, Food and beverage facilities for golfers

Our members requested: An expanded Athletic Center (facilities & programs)
We will build: More space and resources for group exercise, Updated exercise facilities and experience, Improved stretching areas, New, better exercise equipment and a seasonal food and beverage outlet 

Our members requested: Staff who understand service and value member connection
We will: Hire and build a friendly, attentive and empowered team, Improve employee training 

Moving Forward With the Clubhouse

Receive Planning Approvals: Complete                       
Submit for Building Permit Review: December 2019
Begin Construction: Q2 2020
Complete Construction: Q3 2021